“The goal of propaganda is no longer to transform opinion but to arouse an active mythical belief” – Jacques Ellul

Earlier this morning I was greeted with a rather lame attempt by the ‘mighty’ Anonymous crowd to slur my (questionably) good name. It came in the form of this YouTube video (below), the content is factually incorrect, and again shows the level of incompetence within Anon which I will explain to them in words of less than 2 syllables where at all possible, after you have watched their propaganda:


So lets break it down huh?

First here is the article that broke the news of my little ‘infection’, which in turn has prompted Anon to create the above ‘masterpiece’.

The video states that I infected LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) – this is actually incorrect, I infected their ‘new improved tool’ DHN.zip – as is clearly stated in the above article, I also made sure that Anonymous knew that I had infected the new DHN.zip in order to ‘play fair’ – I gave fair warning – so it would have been a bad choice on the part of a user to use it or indeed for anonymous to advise people to use it.

Now back to LOIC the tool that which anon continues to distribute to their unwitting followers.  I had no need to ‘infect’ LOIC as it was already a flawed and sloppily coded ‘play-thing’. It already gave up users details without any intervention from myself. I proved this here weeks ago (before the Tunis saga) and it is in fact fairly widely known that LOIC will drop you in the brown stuff. Yet they still pushed it out to their followers who employed it against Mastercard, Paypal and more recently the Tunisian Government.

So who exactly is putting people at risk here Anon?

With regard to me riding YOUR coat-tails, I am not a media whore looking for some glory, you will notice I rarely do interviews these days, and if I was in it for glory I wouldn’t be anonymous now would I?

Secondly it seems to me, that you grab onto any current event in the news and claim that you are the main reason it is happening, Wikileaks, and Tunis are perfect examples. Tunis was brewing for years. You didn’t cause the people to rise up guys. IT WAS HAPPENING ANYWAY.

Nobody gives a fuck about you or me.

But if your delusional  ideas are true, and you are responsible for the Tunis coup – then by your own definition – it is also you that are responsible for users of your LOIC/DHN tools being beaten in Tunis and arrested in US. – Because LOIC was already flawed, and I gave fair warning that DHN.zip had a payload.

Why do you still advise people to use it?

You put your own followers in danger. That’s a fact. You demonstrate it every day.

Also, I knocked Wikileaks down for valid reasons, after spending months and months quietly and conscientiously going about my business disrupting jihad operations online, you then attacked me, I bit back. You cried and ranted for a while. You then got thousands of kids to use your inherently flawed tools to do your own dirty work in the form of ‘Op Payback’.

You put your own followers in danger. That’s a fact. You demonstrate it every day.

Furthermore you have also demonstrated no actual skill or strategy or cohesion, in any of your operations against me or anyone else. Many of your followers who, when they are not beating off to child-porn on 4chan, spend hours trolling me, are clearly incapable of stringing and intelligible sentence together. This means you are also willingly using ‘challenged’ or ‘vulnerable’ kids, you are not ‘legion’ you are pointless and unskilled.

A live feed of delusional rants from Anon directed towards me can be found here.

You put your own followers in danger. That’s a fact. You demonstrate it every day.

Expect me. In the meantime – if you can – try and work out the fundamental differences between you and me.

Stay Frosty.

PS you need to work on your YouTube presentation. Big thanks to ‘RoxasPhobia


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